Instagram is testing 60 second stories

Instagram is testing 60 second videos in its Stories. It should appeal to many designers.

instagram A platform offering a fairly limited number of features to publish short content for your community. However, just like Twitter, giving the perfect experience to its users is not easy. Achieving this requires many iterations, and it goes through many tests. Today, Instagram is increasing the maximum duration of stories to 60 seconds.

Instagram is testing 60-second videos in its Stories

Instagram Stories are currently limited, and luckily finally. Each story you post cannot exceed 15 seconds. It’s obviously possible to do 10 posts, which would make a final video of 150 seconds total, but the skips between each story can be problematic if you want to tell something longer.

That being said, it looks like the platform is doing a long-term test for its stories right now. 60 more accurate. At least that’s what we learn from a tweet by Matt Navarra who shared a screenshot @yousufortaccom In Turkey, which received a notification notifying this change.

It should appeal to many designers

Instagram already allows creators to post longer content via IGTV, and creators typically post a link in their stories so that their followers can view said content. However, by making it possible to publish longer videos to share in Stories, the experience should be more enjoyable for users who no longer need to move from one section of the application to another.

Also note that not all users see this change in video duration yet, which suggests, since Instagram hasn’t officially communicated on this topic, that this is for a trial. If all goes well, there is no doubt that the platform will roll it out to more users. Until then, if you feel like posting long stories on Instagram, you’ll need to trim your videos.

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