Instagram has rolled out new features

Instagram has added new features to help protect its youngest users, including technology that uses artificial intelligence to monitor users’ actual ages.

The company says in a blog post, “While a lot of people are honest about their age, we know that young people can lie about their date of birth.” “We want to do more to stop it. “

Indeed, the minimum age to register on Instagram, an application that largely attracts teenagers, is at least 13 years old.

As a first resort and based on “machine learning”, the platform prohibits sending direct messages (DMs) to adults who do not follow minors.

In addition, teenagers will be warned by information about adults showing “potentially suspicious behavior”.

For example, if an adult sends a large number of requests for messages or subscriptions to people under the age of 18, we will use this tool to alert recipients to their inbox and allow them to end the conversation Will give options or give options to block, report or ban adults, ”Instagram says.

The social network said that this new policy will be available in “some countries” from March and is expected to be deployed across the world soon.

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