Inspired by the fans, Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry have donated a lot to the charity. News

Inspired by the fans, Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry have donated a lot to the charity.  News

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have donated £ 100,000 (130 130,000) to CAMFAD to promote women’s education in Africa. The charity said Meghan and Harry matched the amount raised by Sussex fans on Duke’s birthday, which would help at least 113 women and young girls. In a message addressed to their fans, the couple said: “There is no better way to celebrate things that are truly important.

“Thanks to Harry and Meghan for donating.”

The fundraising campaign for the charity began on Meghan’s birthday on August 4 last month.

Fans launched the #InspiredBimegan Fundraiser for Meghan’s birthday back in August, but soon changed it. #InspiredBihari on the occasion of his big day.

They started praising the pair after expressing their great pose.

During a Buckingham Palace reception in 2013, a picture of Queen and her grandson was posted on the Royal Family’s account, “Happy birthday to the Duke of Sussex in Cassidy!” In the title! And emojis of a cake and balloon.

And William and Kate’s account says: “Happy Birthday to Prince Harry today!” A photo of Cambridge and Harry race in a 2017 event with their heads together supporting the mental health campaign.

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall also posted the message: “Happy Birthday to the Duke of Sussex today!”

They shared a picture of Harry, as well as another picture of Duke with his father at the Invictus Games.

After moving to the United States just before the coronavirus lockdown began in March, Harry will now celebrate his birthday in his life as he now lives in California with wife Meghan and son Archie.

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The couple will probably celebrate in private at their Santa Barbara home because the coronavirus epidemic has forced many bars to close and restaurants to close inland locations.

Their new area has been battered by the effects of California wildfires over the past few days due to ash and red skies.

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