Inspired by the Danish island strategy to get out of the crisis? “This is one of the keys to getting back to normal life”

The reopening of schools, hairdressers, beauticians … Since 1 March the residents of the island of Bornholm, Denmark have had the privilege of living more or less normal lives than the rest of the country.

Since the beginning of the month, this 588km beginning island has actually served as a “laboratory” to prepare Danish authorities for the release of imprisonment imposed in the country from mid-December.

In addition, the strategy used by Bornholm is to conduct large-scale screening of its population, so as to prevent the spread of coronovirus in its territory. In schools, for example, more than 12 pupils as well as teachers are also given the test twice a week. In addition, to be able to go to the barber, residents are required to present a negative test certificate for less than 72 hours. The same certificate is also required to enter or leave the island. As a general rule, each resident must be tested at least once a week. Thanks to all these regulations, contamination rates have fallen on the island, and sanitary measures in force are now very limited.

Copenhagen wants to draw inspiration from the positive results of its “guinea pig” island and intends to install such a test instrument in the rest of the country to allow a return to normal life in the coming months.

And in Belgium?

Would such a strategy be possible in Belgium? For Steven Van Gucha, VRT questioned by our colleagues, testing is one of the keys to “reopening society”. According to the expert, the strategy used by Bornholm is absolutely correct. “If we can test the population in Bornholm as usual, we can actually stop the virus from spreading,” he explains.

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Nevertheless, the expert believes that the implementation of such an instrument in Belgium would not be so clear. Indeed, Bornholm has only 40,000 inhabitants and has the advantage of being an island, without direct borders with other countries.

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