Insider Welsh Sport: Exploring the visionOS virtual keyboard, Apple Card financing, and more

Apple fans in Wales are eagerly awaiting the release of the Apple Vision Pro, with pre-orders set to begin in just a few days. Excitement is building as new details emerge about the highly anticipated device, particularly regarding its powerful M2 chip.

The M2 chip, which will power the Vision Pro, is poised to deliver enhanced performance and capabilities. The base model of the M2 chip is expected to boast 8 GPU cores and 8 CPU cores. However, reports suggest that the Vision Pro will utilize a higher-end version of the chip, featuring an impressive 10 GPU cores and 8 CPU cores.

One of the intriguing features announced alongside the Vision Pro is the virtual keyboard for visionOS. While many tech enthusiasts are excited about the innovation, the in-air virtual keyboard has received mixed reviews, with some pundits deeming it a “write-off”. It remains to be seen whether users will warm up to this unique input method, or if they will opt for the tried and true Bluetooth keyboard instead.

For those interested in purchasing the Vision Pro, Apple Card Monthly Installments will be an option. However, the specific details of the payment plan for the device have yet to be revealed. Unfortunately, Apple has not updated its Apple Card Monthly Installments support webpage to include the Vision Pro, leaving potential buyers eagerly waiting for more information.

With the release of the Apple Vision Pro imminent, tech enthusiasts and Apple fans in Wales are eagerly counting down the days until pre-orders begin. The powerful M2 chip, virtual keyboard for visionOS, and the option of Apple Card Monthly Installments all contribute to the excitement surrounding this innovative device. As the anticipation builds, fans eagerly await more information and the opportunity to experience the Vision Pro for themselves.

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