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Title: Former Giant Bomb Producer Drew Scanlon Finds New Passion for Racing and Gaming

Drew Scanlon, formerly known as a video producer at Giant Bomb, has taken on a new role at Digital Eclipse, where he now creates interactive documentaries. However, Scanlon is not just known for his work in the gaming industry; he is also passionate about race cars and raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis.

Digital Eclipse, the company Scanlon currently works for, has recently released various popular games, including titles centered around the Ninja Turtles, Atari, Karateka, and Wizardry. Such releases have garnered attention and praise from gamers worldwide.

When it comes to Scanlon’s personal gaming preferences, nostalgia seems to play a significant role. His list of favorite games this year is heavily steeped in nostalgia, bringing joy to fans of classic titles. Additionally, Scanlon enjoys playing co-op games like Diablo IV, making it a regular part of his gaming routine.

One game in particular that has caught Scanlon’s attention is “Dave the Diver,” a unique fusion of underwater exploration and restaurant management. This combination offers players a fresh and exciting experience.

Speaking of Diablo IV, Scanlon considers it his go-to game for unwinding and dealing damage. Its immersive gameplay and thrilling action provide him with the perfect escape from reality.

Another game that has gained recognition for its stunning visuals and inventive environments is “Cocoon,” developed by the creators of Limbo and Inside. This game showcases the remarkable skill of the team behind it, with nested-worlds and interdimensional powers adding an intriguing twist to the gameplay.

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Scanlon also sheds light on five lesser-known Sega Genesis games that have piqued his interest. Among his favorites are Stormlord, known for its captivating intro, and a unique pinball game that offers a fresh take on a classic concept.

Taking a step further, Scanlon explores a strange yet interesting twist on a classic game in Lunar Lander. This game incorporates a weird 90s space punk theme and introduces a gun to the traditional gameplay, providing a fresh and intriguing experience.

Highlighting his love for unique and creative games, Scanlon enjoys playing a bug shooting game set in an apocalypse, where players battle squads of squid and crabs. This intense and action-packed adventure gives players a thrilling and entertaining experience.

As Drew Scanlon continues to make his mark in the gaming industry with his work at Digital Eclipse, his passion for race cars and aiding the fight against Multiple Sclerosis remains strong. Gaming enthusiasts can expect him to continue sharing his expertise and uncovering hidden gems within the gaming world.

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