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Title: Temu and Microsoft’s Copilot Experience Surge in Downloads Following Super Bowl Commercials

Subtitle: The emergence of new apps captures the attention of consumers and challenges the e-commerce landscape

In the aftermath of Super Bowl commercials, two apps, Temu and Microsoft’s Copilot, were propelled to new heights, securing a surge in downloads. Impacting their respective markets, these apps embody emerging trends, with their popularity skyrocketing.

Microsoft’s Copilot, an AI chatbot that debuted a year ago, has garnered a loyal following. Meanwhile, Temu, an e-commerce marketplace offering discounted prices, made its entrance in September 2022. Since then, both apps have captivated audiences with their innovative features and distinctive approaches.

Following the Super Bowl, witnesses on the Apple App Store attested to the prominence of Paramount+, Copilot, and Temu, ranked as the three most downloaded free apps. Paramount+ enjoyed an additional boost as it simultaneously streamed the event, enabling viewers to access both the game and the app.

The Google Play store also observed the ascent of Temu, securing the sixth position in popularity rankings. Its strategic advertising campaigns, coupled with its gamified design elements and rewards, piqued the interest of millions, resulting in a significant influx of downloads.

Historically, Super Bowl commercials have transformed both established and emerging brands, facilitating their meteoric rise. This year, the ad frenzy favorably showcased emerging trends such as cryptocurrency and AI tools, altering the advertising landscape.

Temu’s case neatly exemplifies the phenomenon. The app strategically aired four similar commercials during the Super Bowl, enticing viewers with their “Shop like a billionaire” slogan and $15 million worth of giveaways. Social media platforms buzzed with viral posts, poking fun at Temu’s low prices and extensive advertising efforts.

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Since its entry into the competitive US market in 2022, Temu has experienced extraordinary growth. The Super Bowl commercials alone contributed to a remarkable 34% increase in app downloads on game day, marking Temu’s fastest day-over-day growth since November. Its advertising spend, as highlighted by market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, played an integral role in this achievement. In 2023, Temu held the distinction of being the most downloaded app in the US and the eighth most downloaded globally.

Attraction to Temu’s platform can be primarily attributed to its competitive pricing, often beating its well-established counterpart, Amazon. By adopting a gamified design approach, complete with in-app games and discount rewards, Temu has captured the imagination of bargain hunters and gaming enthusiasts alike. Consequently, it has emerged as a formidable force, challenging other e-commerce platforms that have been compelled to close their doors due to their inability to compete.

However, as Temu basks in its triumphs, concerns have surfaced regarding the labor conditions associated with its low-cost products, as well as the environmental impact generated during production and shipping. Even as it continues to revolutionize the e-commerce realm, Temu faces pressure to address these ethical and sustainability issues.

The Super Bowl commercials exerted a transformative effect on Temu and Microsoft’s Copilot, catapulting them into the limelight and reshaping the e-commerce landscape. While their newfound success is undeniable, a balance must be struck between their consumer appeal and sustainable practices to ensure long-term growth and prosperity.

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