Insider Wales Sports: Evaluating Purdy and the 49ers Performance in Christmas Defeat

Insider Wales Sports: Evaluating Purdy and the 49ers Performance in Christmas Defeat

Title: 49ers’ Week 16 Loss to Ravens: PFF Grades Reveal Disappointing Performances

The San Francisco 49ers suffered a disappointing 33-19 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16, leaving fans disheartened. The team’s recent defeat has prompted a closer look at the game, with the PFF grades offering valuable insights into the disappointing performances that contributed to their downfall. From a struggling offensive line to interceptions by quarterback Brock Purdy, here is a breakdown of the key takeaways from the game.

Ravens’ Defense Capitalizes on Opportunities:
The Ravens’ defense showcased its strength, capitalizing on the 49ers’ mistakes and turnovers. The 49ers had a total of five turnovers, with Purdy throwing four interceptions. The Ravens’ defense proved to be stifling, taking advantage of every opportunity to take the ball away from the 49ers.

Lack of Deep Passes Affects Offensive Strategy:
Purdy’s reputation for his deep passes was not on display during the game against the Ravens. This lack of deep passes forced the 49ers to rely on shorter passes, making it easier for the Ravens to defend the field. Purdy struggled with short passes under 10 yards, completing only four out of his 14 attempts for a mere 29 yards. He also threw three interceptions and had a 0.0 passer rating in this category.

Offensive Line Struggles Under Pressure:
The 49ers’ offensive line faced significant challenges from the Ravens’ defense throughout the game. They allowed a total of 22 pressures, which constantly forced Purdy to be on the run. Their difficulties ultimately led to Purdy’s replacement by Sam Darnold after suffering a stinger in the third quarter. Injuries to Trent Williams and Aaron Banks further complicated the situation for the offensive line.

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Individual Offensive Line Performances:
The PFF grades shed light on the performances of individual offensive line players. Colton McKivitz, who filled in for the injured Trent Williams, struggled, allowing two sacks and one hit on the left side, as well as four pressures on the right side. Spencer Burford, who stepped in on the right side, also had a challenging game, allowing one sack and three hurries in just 24 pass-blocking plays.

Impact of Injuries on Quarterback Pressure:
The presence of Trent Williams on the field significantly impacted the pressure faced by the quarterbacks. When Williams was playing, the quarterbacks were only under pressure on 32.1% of dropbacks. However, after Williams was sidelined due to injury, both Purdy and Darnold faced pressure on 64% of dropbacks, highlighting the importance of his presence on the offensive line.

George Kittle’s Stellar Performance:
Despite the team’s loss, tight end George Kittle stood out with a commendable PFF grade of 73.2. Kittle had an impressive game, catching seven out of his ten targets for 126 yards. Five of his catches resulted in first downs, showcasing his reliability and impact on the offense.

Christian McCaffrey’s Strong Running Game:
Running back Christian McCaffrey delivered an impressive performance, carrying the ball 14 times for 103 yards and a touchdown. He averaged an exceptional 7.4 yards per carry and forced two missed tackles, further establishing himself as a key offensive weapon.

Defensive Pressure on Lamar Jackson:
Despite the loss, the 49ers’ defense managed to apply considerable pressure on Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. The defensive efforts led by Javon Hargrave, Nick Bosa, and Chase Young resulted in a total of 22 pressures. This included two sacks and eight hurries, demonstrating the defensive unit’s determination to disrupt the Ravens’ offensive rhythm.

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The 49ers’ Week 16 loss to the Ravens highlighted several areas where the team struggled, including a struggling offensive line and interceptions by quarterback Brock Purdy. Despite notable performances by George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey, the team was unable to overcome these setbacks. The PFF grades offer a comprehensive analysis of individual performances and highlight the areas in which the team needs improvement moving forward.

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