Insider Wales Sport: Rate cuts postponed for the foreseeable future, Powell the main event

Title: Federal Reserve Expected to Keep Interest Rates Steady

Federal Reserve officials are set to meet on May 1 to discuss the country’s monetary policy, with the benchmark federal-funds rate expected to remain unchanged. The recent trend of inflation in the first three months of the year has likely delayed any potential rate cuts, leading officials to emphasize their readiness to keep rates steady for an extended period.

While no new economic projections are expected to be released at the meeting, Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference following the decision will be closely watched. Powell is anticipated to address recent economic data and provide insight into the outlook for interest rates.

The Federal Open Market Committee’s policy decision is scheduled to be announced at 2 pm US EDT on May 1, with Powell’s press conference set to begin at 2:30 pm. The outcome of the meeting will provide important insights into the Fed’s stance on monetary policy and its response to economic conditions.

Stay tuned for further updates and analysis on the Federal Reserve’s decision and its impact on the financial markets. Insider Wales Sport will continue to cover the latest developments in the world of finance and economics.

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