Insider Wales Sport: Lions OC Ben Johnson withdraws from consideration for head coaching positions

Title: Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson Returns for 2024 Season, Declining Head Coaching Offers

Subtitle: Johnson’s Aspirations for Super Bowl Glory Keep Him in Detroit, Shaking Up Coaching Landscape

In a surprising turn of events, the Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson, has made the decision to remain with the team for the 2024 season. Despite receiving tempting offers to become a head coach, Johnson expressed his desire to win a Super Bowl with the Lions, turning down the opportunities that came his way.

While Johnson’s aspirations for success with the Lions are admirable, his asking price of $15 million per year reportedly deterred some teams. However, his agent vehemently disputed these claims, leaving the exact details of contract negotiations unclear.

This decision by Johnson is undeniably a major win for the Lions. After a successful 2023 campaign that saw them emerge victorious in 12 games and clinch the NFC North title, Johnson’s return solidifies the team’s offensive prowess. Credit is also due to Lions General Manager Brad Holmes, who has built a strong offensive roster that will undoubtedly benefit Head Coach Dan Campbell and quarterback Jared Goff.

While the Lions bask in the benefits of Johnson’s return, their NFC North rivals find themselves on the losing end of the situation. Having already been considered the favorites to win the division in 2023, the Lions now possess a highly effective offensive coordinator, further increasing their odds of success.

As for other coaching candidates, namely Mike Vrabel and Bill Belichick, Johnson’s decision opens doors of opportunity. The Washington Commanders, who were reportedly interested in Johnson as their head coach, may now be forced to reconsider their coaching search. Similarly, the Seattle Seahawks, who also had their eyes on Johnson, are now left scrambling to fill their coaching vacancy.

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The Commanders, unfortunately, received the news mid-flight to Detroit, with Johnson notifying them that he was pulling his name out of consideration. However, all hope is not lost for the Commanders, as they will proceed with meetings with Lions’ defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, another promising coaching prospect.

In conclusion, Ben Johnson’s decision to return to the Detroit Lions for the 2024 season has caused ripples throughout the coaching landscape in the NFL. With aspirations for a Super Bowl triumph, Johnson declined head coaching offers and instead opted to strengthen the Lions’ offensive prowess. This move positions the Lions as even stronger contenders in the NFC North, while leaving the Commanders and Seahawks searching for alternative coaching options. The stakes are high, and only time will tell how these decisions will shape the future of the Lions and their rivals.

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