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Google Chat, the popular messaging platform, is set to undergo a major redesign on Android and iOS. This update comes in the wake of a similar revamp to the web version.

One of the key changes in this redesign is the introduction of a new bottom navigation bar, which features four tabs or sections. The Home tab will allow users to have a comprehensive view of all conversations, with a filter specifically for unread messages. This will enable users to easily stay on top of all their ongoing discussions.

The Direct Messages tab will display a compact list of both one-on-one and group messages, including pinned conversations. This will provide users with a streamlined and organized view of their important chats. Similarly, the Spaces tab will present a condensed list of all spaces, including pinned conversations. This will allow users to effortlessly keep track of their spaces and important discussions within them.

Moreover, the Mentions tab will be introduced to assist users in finding specific messages where they have been mentioned. This feature will make it much simpler to locate and respond to messages that require attention.

In addition to the changes in these tabs, the integrated Gmail mobile app will now have only one Chat tab in the bottom bar, instead of two. This consolidation will streamline the user experience by reducing clutter and improving efficiency.

Another notable aspect of the redesign is the inclusion of a floating pill-shaped container above the bottom bar, housing a chat FAB (Floating Action Button) on the right side. This design element adds a modern and sleek touch to the user interface.

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To aid in keeping users informed, the bottom bar will display an unread badge and a unified count for each section. This will ensure that users are immediately aware of any new messages or notifications they receive.

According to Google, the redesigned Google Chat will be gradually rolled out to Android and iOS in the coming weeks for all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts. This follows a recent update that made Chat resemble Google Messages in its chat bubble layout.

With these improvements, Google Chat aims to enhance the user experience and make messaging more intuitive and efficient. Users can look forward to a sleeker and more organized interface, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration.

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