Insider Wales Sport: Analyzing the Risks of Israels Plan to Target Hamas Leaders on Oct. 7

Title: Israel Unveils Covert Assassination Campaign in Response to Hamas Attack

Israel has recently announced plans to embark on a covert assassination campaign, reminiscent of the infamous “Wrath of God” operation executed after the tragic 1972 Munich Olympics attack. Promising to neutralize the individuals responsible for a deadly Hamas operation that claimed the lives of 1,200 people, led to a regional conflict, and took hostages, Israel is determined to prevent further terrorist attacks and take interceptive action.

The announcement was made by Chief of Mossad intelligence agency, David Barnea, during his eulogy for the late Mossad leader, Zvi Zamir. Barnea outlined that the scope of the upcoming campaign would differ from its predecessor significantly. Unlike the 1972 operation, the current campaign would involve larger organizations such as Hezbollah and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, highlighting the increased complexity and potential challenges Israel could face.

Experts anticipate that Israel may have already initiated the campaign with a drone strike that killed senior Hamas official, Saleh al-Arouri. This operation signals the beginning of what is expected to be a sustained effort, backed by vast resources, mirroring the scale of the Wrath of God operation.

Assassination campaigns carry legal implications, particularly when it comes to international law. Legal experts argue that targeted assassinations can be deemed legal under specific circumstances. However, it is crucial for these actions not to infringe on another country’s sovereignty, raising the possibility of legal and political challenges for Israel if it violates territorial boundaries while targeting Hamas leaders.

It is imperative to note that previous assassination campaigns have faced controversies and blowback. This included accidental killings and the subsequent exposure of covert operations. These challenges serve as a reminder that executing such a covert campaign requires careful planning and consideration to minimize unintended consequences.

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Israel’s new covert assassination campaign comes as the country aims to prevent future terrorist attacks and maintain regional stability. As the operation unfolds, the nation will undoubtedly face legal and political challenges, emphasizing the delicate nature of covert actions and the need for discretion to successfully achieve their objectives.

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