Inside Story: Hospital Chief in Wales Admits to Being Linked with Hamas, Utilizing Clinic as Military Base – New York Post

Inside Story: Hospital Chief in Wales Admits to Being Linked with Hamas, Utilizing Clinic as Military Base – New York Post

Title: Gaza Hospital Director Reveals Hamas Military Ties in Shocking Admission

In a startling revelation, the head of a Gaza hospital has admitted to being a senior Hamas commander during an interrogation by the Israeli security service, Shin Bet. Ahmad Kahlot, the director of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Jabaliya, confessed to joining Hamas in 2010 and holding a rank equivalent to a brigadier general.

Kahlot’s shocking admission has brought to light a network of Hamas operatives within the hospital. He disclosed that approximately 16 hospital staff members, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and clerks, were also members of Hamas’ military wing, the notorious Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

Unbeknownst to patients and medical professionals, Kamal Adwan Hospital had been transformed into a secret military hub. Up to 100 Hamas terrorists had been hiding within the hospital premises before relocating to another location. Inside the hospital, Hamas leaders maintained offices equipped with private phone lines, creating a covert infrastructure for their activities. There were even designated spaces within the facility for interrogations and security purposes.

Kahlot’s shocking revelation also included incidents involving the hospital’s complicity in militant activities. He admitted that Hamas had once brought a kidnapped Israeli soldier to the hospital and shamelessly exploited its private ambulance service to transport the bodies of hostages tied to a brutal massacre. This revelation further underscores the hospital’s ties to Hamas and highlights the reckless disregard for civilian healthcare facilities shown by the militant group.

Expressing his disappointment, Kahlot criticized other Hamas leaders as “cowards” who abandoned the hospital staff, leaving them vulnerable to Israeli security forces. His statements shed light on the internal friction within the group.

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Following the shocking revelations, Israeli forces raided Kamal Adwan Hospital on December 12, leading to the arrest of approximately 90 suspected Hamas terrorists and the seizure of weapons. As a result, the hospital is no longer functioning, and all patients have been safely evacuated, as confirmed by a World Health Organization official.

Israel’s claims that Hamas has been using hospitals as secret military bases in Gaza have long been a contentious issue. This recent discovery provides concrete evidence to support these claims, further validating Israeli concerns about the militants’ exploitation of civilian infrastructure.

The revelation that a Gaza hospital director was also a senior Hamas commander has sent shockwaves across the region, raising questions about the safety and integrity of medical facilities in Gaza. It remains to be seen how this new development will impact the ongoing conflict and efforts to ensure the protection of innocent civilians amidst escalating hostilities.

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