Infernal 18th marrow cultivated in Wales breaks world record

A monstrous 18th marrow that matured in Wales broke the world record.

Vince Sjodin’s Giant Vegetables beat the previous Vegetables by about three and a half stones.

At 225 pounds, Vince Sjodin’s marrow weighs 15 pounds more than English rugby union giant Maro Etojecredit: SWNS
Farmer Vince grows Whopper in Barrie, South Walescredit: SWNS

And at 255 pounds, his magnificent marrow weighs a Maro – 15 pounds more than England rugby union legend, Maro Etoje.

Farmer Vince grows the Whopper in Barrie, South Wales, home of Gavin & Stacey TV.

Yesterday they made it to the UK National Giant Vegetable Championships in Malvern, Worcestershire.

A Guinness World Records referee then measured the masterpiece and confirmed the new mark.

The best example was the 14½-core (206.5 lb) pith grown by Dutch farmer Brad Wursten in 2009.

Delighted Vince, 49, said: “It’s the icing on the cake. Nobody expected this.

“I had some marrows weighing in at over 190 pounds, but unfortunately they fell apart.

“Malvern is the show I’ve always been aiming for and this record broke the previous record cultivated in Holland.

“Now I’m going to enjoy my weekend and I’m going to drink some cider tonight.

“It was fantastic to participate in the weights because we really missed out on 2020. Bring 2022 and we’ll probably have one in 300 pounds.”

Vince wasn’t the only record breaker on the show.

Kevin Forty, 43, grew the largest cantaloupe in Britain, which weighed 32 pounds.

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