Infected person e! Mark Drakeford disassociated himself after being exposed to News UK

The Welsh Government has said that Prime Minister Mark Drakeford is isolated “as a precaution” after coming in contact with someone who tested positive for coronovirus.

Mr Drakeford appeared deep in front of the Welsh Affairs Committee on Thursday from an outhouse in his garden, where he lived alone during the first epidemic when his wife and mother-in-law were guarding.

A Welsh government spokesman said: ‘The Prime Minister himself is isolated as a precaution after coming in contact with someone who tests positive for coronovirus.’

The announcement came at a time when the Welsh leader used his presence in Westminster in front of MPs to call his relationship with Prime Minister Boris Johnson ‘far away’ during the epidemic – the couple formally met only once ’till’ Were.

Committee chairman and Tory MP Stephen Crabbe asked when asked if there was a ‘meeting of the mind’ between the two individuals, with Mr Drakeford saying: ‘I should distance my relationship with the PM.

“In the sense that I have met him only once – I have attended many meetings where a large number of others were present – and he has yet to call a meeting. Joint Ministerial Committee meeting of Prime Ministers.” And myself.

He said, “From this perspective, I would say that my contact with the Prime Minister was very mild. And Estrangement is not just this way, I’m afraid we rarely have a mind meeting. “

He said: “The UK has no institutional architecture to operate. Everything is ad hoc, random and inventive as you go. And I fear that this is not really a satisfactory basis to support Britain’s future.

“And if I am concerned about the lack of regular engagement between the Prime Minister and other parts of the UK, it is more and more about it without me, so the security of the UK’s future becomes more difficult.

The Prime Minister said that playing the role of Prime Minister in all this, I think it is undermining the efforts of those of us – and I certainly involve myself in this area – who is a Want to shape a prosperous future. “

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