Indonesia with records of cases and deaths from Kovid-19

January 13, 2021, 8:26 amJakarta, 13 January (Prensa Latina) Indonesia first notified records of cases and deaths from Kovid-19 on the same day, confirming itself as the country most affected by the disease in Southeast Asia.

The number of people infected on this date was 11,278, higher than the number reported by the nine neighbors of the region.

Meanwhile, the death toll rose to 24,951, which rose to 306 this Wednesday, a figure also recorded since the entry of coronovirus almost a year earlier. Indonesia thus reaffirmed itself as the Asian nation with the most deaths from Kovid-19 after India.

The most number of infected in a single day is the fourth number this year, as the archipelago also reached unprecedented levels on 6 January (8,854), 7 (9,321) and 8 (10,617). ) is.

The previous record of death from December 25 (258) is. The sequence of the last two months suggests that the disease kills one Indonesian for a million or an average of 274 practically every day.

Failing prevention and control measures, the country sees Kovid-19 vaccines as a lifeline.

A national vaccination campaign began today, and Joko Widodo was the first president to receive Chinese synovac injection.

This vaccination is critical to breaking the chain of infection and protecting all Indonesians, the president said when received the first dose in a television act across the country.

The government plans to introduce some 181 million people – 67 percent of the national population – to health workers.

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