Indie World: Annapurna Interactive Announcements

The publisher is known for some games with unique concepts (Edith Finch, What Are the Remnants of the Outer Wilds ..).) Annapurna Intertractive Made some announcements duringIndie world Held today yes Neon white Not shown, these are actually two other titles that have been unveiled. First, a version The switch For The last stop Has been unveiled. The game was announced at the end of 2019 and was planned in advance. Xbox And PC. So good news, if you want to buy it Nintendo Switch. The game will have you live the interdisciplinary stories of three characters in a realistic London, but where supernatural events will spice things up a bit. Its release is scheduled for July 2021The exact date is still to be determined.

Annapurna Also took advantage of Indie world To reveal a new title: Carbuncle. The editor teaches us that the experience will incorporate past or future events in a woman’s life that she loves. So this is a new narrative game where we can explore various periods in the life of this character. We will have to wait before exploring further. The game is scheduled to release 2021 Sure PC And Nintendo Switch.

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