Indian version (WHO) present in 17 countries

The so-called Indian version of coronovirus, responsible for the unprecedented health crisis affecting the world, has been announced on Tuesday in the World Health Organization (WHO), “at least 17 countries”.

In “at least 17 countries”, the WHO, referred to as the “double mutants” in more than 1,200 genome sequences, states in its weekly epidemic report by the WHO that “most of the footage was uploaded” to the GISAID database in India, UK. , Comes from the US and Singapore.

In recent times, variants have also been reported in several European countries including Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and Italy.

The WHO recently classified this version as a “version of interest” and not a “type of concern”. This last name would indicate that this variant is more dangerous (more infectious, more lethal and capable of avoiding vaccine vaccination).

“Additional research” is particularly needed on the soundness, severity and risk of the Indian version to play a role in the health crisis in India, the WHO noted.

India has been hit hard by the new wave of the more deadly and infectious Kovid-19. Today, the country of 1.3 billion inhabitants is the second country most affected by the epidemic, with 17.5 million cases, including the deaths of about 200 million people.

On Tuesday, the Asian country broke the new world record of 350.00 new infections and a national record of 2,812 deaths, bringing the total cases worldwide to 147.7 million.

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