Indian version, United Kingdom picks up on second dose –

While in italy Second dose Of vaccine, Great britain, Which has always used the longest time interval for vaccines, has decidedBend over Due to some outbreaks of Indian version (B.1.617.2) Which worries the country.

Accelerate full immunization

It was Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself, who announced on Friday that Vaccination protocol Will be modified to provide expeditious Second dose To more than 50 people and confirmed that the presence of the Indian version “may force a change in course” which for now relates to vaccination policies and not to planned reopening, which continues according to the decision. Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that the UK needed to be vigilant to avoid the explosion of the Indian version, adding that the government would decide on 14 June whether to move ahead with the measures. is defined. Professor Adam Finn, Dell Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (Independent Expert Advisory Board advising UK health departments) made this decision Children under the age of 30 years who do not give the AstraZeneca vaccine may be withdrawn in the future And reiterated that, as the vaccine appears to be effective against the Indian version, “people should be reasonably confident that if they are fully vaccinated, the risk of serious illness against this version of the virus is greatly reduced. Goes.”


The United Kingdom vaccinated 53.4% ​​of the population with at least one dose and “only” 24.27% with two doses, supporting the largest possible coverage in terms of number of people and relying on this fact That the vaccine is already offered after the first dose. Good protection. With the advent of the Indian version, which seems to be more permeable than English, it is a matter of concern that it may Spread to youth: Only 13% of children under 40 (including children) have been vaccinated.

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The outbreak is on the rise

The number of cases of B.1.617 has increased This week 1,133 According to official figures, in the UK from 520 last week. Most are found in northwest England. The city of about 200,000 residents is focussed on Bolton, which has one of the highest infection rates in the country. New report of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), A non-departmental public body of the British government, which provides advice on the outbreak that continues on Thursday, reads: “There are local areas … where the number of new infections is increasing. In some areas … in variants. Continuously increased rapidly, and is of particular concern B.1.617.2. The transmission of this variant is currently faster than the variant B.1.1.7 (English, ED) Is most common in the UK. This is based on the increase seen in indexed cases ». The report goes on: “It is a realistic possibility that it is 50% more permeable And that this scale of growth of B.1.617.2 “may lead to a very large increase in transmission”, leading to a “substantial” recovery in hospitalization.


The United Kingdom, thanks to its policy of large-scale sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 genome, has been able to map the evolution of variants in its field and optimize measures, but remains optimistic Doing: “There’s still a lot of sway Vaccination of some adults To prevent a significant resurgence that could eventually put continued pressure on the healthcare, “officials fear. For this reason,” in areas where the number of infections is increasing rapidly, there is expected to be even more rapid growth. May if measures are relaxed “and they conclude by announcing that they have reported it to the Prime Minister.

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