Indian version in Great Britain: RT above 1. Expert: “Absolutely the first dose to blame”

Indian version Scares Great britain. European countries that previously seemed to have emerged from epidemic emergencies. The spread of the Indian version, and more contagious, does not allow the British Prime Minister to rest in peace Boris johnson. However, despite the outbreak of the virus, it is still necessary to understand what the actual clinical consequences are. In fact, it is unclear whether this translates into a substantial increase in hospitalization and severe forms, despite the prevalence of diversity. For the first time since January, RT has exceeded 1 in England. The infection due to the Indian version has doubled within a week, raising doubts about the possible postponement of the final stages of Boris Johnson’s government-determined reopening plan.

Despite the government’s assurances linking the increase in infection Vaccine coverage (As is known, no vaccine covers 100% of the risk of infection). In any case iThe number of Indian-associated infections of the coronavirus in the UK is Increase by more than 160% In the last week. It comes from the data of the state agency PHE – Public Health England, according to which they are counted in the country 3,424 cases related to variants, As against 1,313 on Thursday 13 May.

And motive

“The Indian version has become a staple in a week in Great Britain, reaching 75% of infections. The problem is that it finds a substrate of people who are not exceptionally well-protected, but only mildly because they Has opted to make the first dose of the vaccine. Sub. Thus infections begin to emerge among the vaccinators. It tells us how in the beginning Great Britain, which emerged from a difficult situation with good results, after a month. Risk of being in a compromised position. Policy options must be supported by scientific evidence “. They confirmed it Walter Ricciardi, Full Professor of General and Applied Hygiene at Catholic University and Scientific Advisor to the Minister of Health, the protagonist of a special text of the new Master in Health Communications of the Catholic University, entitled ‘Communicating health during an epidemic. Truth, fake news and information ethics’.

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In recent months “I have decided to speak only with Minister Spernza to advise the government and write in ‘The Avenir’ – explained Ricciardi – to get out of the epidemic without government intervention and cooperation between states.” Not likely. C ‘It is they who have managed the emergency well by timely lockdown and mobility blocking that prevents the virus from moving as it is carried by people. A good example was new zealand, Which has also done well in communicating with the population. The Prime Minister often explained on television what was happening “. The meeting is sponsored by the High School of Economics and Management of Health Systems (Altems) and the High School in Media, Communication and Entertainment (Almed).” There are people who say – they say – that they have lost face because things are better today, but how can you tell? The second wave killed 70,000 people, if we had a lockdown in October and then we would have survived these deaths in February. 130,000 deaths occurred, 60 thousand AD in the first wave 70 thousand in seconds. Let’s not joke They are destroyed families, the elders who have left us, the memory of the country. And there are media who investigate all this. “

France and Germany ordered quarantine

Oncoming travelers Great Britain to France They must disassociate themselves into quarantine to prevent the spread of the Indian version of Kovid in the Transalpine country. They announced French government spokesman Gabriel Atala, Underlining that Paris would adopt “equal measures” for the German people. From Sunday, British travelers arriving in Germany have to quarantine for two weeks, regardless of the negative swab result. In France, this measure is already applicable to those who come from some countries including Brazil, India and South Africa.

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Germany This would require quarantine for those coming from Great Britain where there is a strong proliferation of the Indian version. A subsequent decision by the Robert Koch Institute to change the classification of the UK identified it as the “variant mutation region” of the Kovid-19. From Sunday, anyone arriving from the UK will undergo a two-week quarantine period, even if they manage to show a negative test.

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