Indian man undergoes surgery after plugging in phone charger penis

Indian man undergoes surgery after plugging in phone charger penis

An Indian man said that after inserting a two-meter phone charger into the penis for sexual satisfaction, surgery is required.

The unidentified man tried to hide the real cause of his illness when he asked for medical help in a hospital in northeastern India last month and claimed that he was using a headset. Walliul Islam He told CNN on Monday.

Doctors prescribed the man a laxative, but five days later he returned to the hospital, where he still complained of pain.

Islam, a surgeon at the hospital, told the network that “although he passed the stool a few times, the cable did not come out.”

“When the patient complained of severe pain, we decided to undergo surgery and found nothing in their intestines,” Islam said.

Later, through an x-ray, doctors later discovered the phone charger inside her bladder, which was connected to the penis through the urethra.

“I read that people get sexually satisfied by placing tools on the penis,” Islam said. “This is such a situation, and the psychiatrist can help him from this point forward.”

The surgeon said that the man had recovered, but “if it were honest, then it would have saved us boredom and we could have treated it earlier.”

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