Indian edition, UK cannot reopen: What’s going on?

In The Indian version of Britain is starting to scare, Boris Johnson returned to the dock on 22 April to blacklist India, while for Pakistan and Bangladesh, the decision was made on the 9th of the same month.

A decision that would have been caused by an attempt not to trouble Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now rigorously contested at home, but which could cost the United Kingdom dearly because there is a potential Summer third wave kovid.

Infection is currently under control: new daily cases have been consistently less than 3,000 for a month, with deaths and hospitalizations almost disappearing.

The Indian version, however, is now widespread throughout the United Kingdom, so much so that it will already be represented in the Manchester area80% new cases. For experts, this mutation should be more contagious, up to 50%, but not more fatal.

A situation that is carefully monitored, so much so that it appears that there is no certainty about it. 21 June June, The date on which, according to Johnson’s plan in the United Kingdom, it should return to normalcy to a large extent.

Indian version is a problem for Britain

The UK has recently decided to speed up Second dose of vaccines Intended for people over 50 and medically vulnerable. All due to concerns about the Indian version.

Speaking at a press conference, Johnson said that stress appears to be more communicable than others. The truth is now Recall time will be shortened.

The transition to the fourth phase of reopening is scheduled for 21 June, the day the United Kingdom should be Return to a fairly normal state. The warning was really clear:

“I have to live up to the fact that this new version may represent a A serious impediment to our progress And may make it more difficult to move to stage four in June “

With the fourth and final phase of the roadmap, the government aims to: Remove all legal limits on social connectionsThat is, there will be no restriction on indoor or outdoor meetings, nightclubs will be able to reopen and there will be no limit for wedding parties.

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Johnson said the new June rules would depend on compliance with its four tests, including the fact that the vaccines would remain in effect and that the risk would not change enough New types.

The date of June 21 is still confirmed, but Boris johnson Did not want to unbalance “We will learn more in the coming days“. Despite the success of the vaccination campaign, the fear of the Indian version in Britain continues to grow.

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