India: The world’s largest vaccine manufacturer invests in the UK

The announcement was expected. Serum Institute of India (SII) chief flamboyant Adar Poonawala suggested early Saturday that his company could expand vaccine production outside India’s borders. The United Kingdom finally confirmed an investment of £ 240 million, or around 280 million euros, by the Indian giant on Monday evening. This sum “states a Downing Street statement,” would support clinical trials, research and development, and possibly the manufacture of vaccines.

Overseas delivery delays

The investment is part of a larger trade and investment partnership between India and the UK worth £ 1 billion or € 1.15 billion.

In March, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer was ordered by the Indian government to slow down the export of AstraZeneca vaccine, in order to benefit the national population. This decision resulted in delays in overseas delivery, particularly in the United Kingdom. The Kovacs device, which aims to promote the access of anti-Kovid vaccines to poor countries, also suffered from this decision.

These delivery delays led SII to receive a formal notice from AstraZeneca. The producer tries to resolve the dispute “amicably”. He started reimbursing some states that had assured Adar Poonawala in the “Financial Times” on Sunday.

He complained of threats from upper-class people in India. “The word of danger is an understatement,” he said in the “Times” on Saturday. “The level of expectation and aggression is truly unprecedented. It is heavy. Everybody feels that he should be vaccinated, ”he added in this interview which created a stir in India.

Second wave of coronavirus

In the grip of a terrible second wave of coronaviruses, the country is struggling to get its population vaccinated. After exporting more than 66 million doses, it faces shortages. On Saturday, it opened its vaccination campaign for all adults, but many states said they would not be able to meet the demand due to lack of adequate doses. Since 16 January, about 2% of the population has been vaccinated, while the threshold of 20 million contaminants has already been exceeded.

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