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The hospital has reached the end of its capacity in the seventh largest city of Slovakia, so a refrigerator must be ordered to contain the corpses, writes Szj Szó, the Hungarian news portal in Slovakia. Vladislav Arojta, director of the University Hospital of Trnava, confirmed that the refrigerator was ordered at his request. The refrigerator is 13.5 meters long and is sufficient to store about 40 corpses.

Reacting to the increasingly severe epidemic in Slovakia, Prime Minister Igor Matovic said in a local news broadcast that since the current national shutdown did not have the desired effect, mass testing could occur again.

In Slovakia, the number of confirmed coronavirus patients has exceeded 205,000, with 2,836 dying, more than On the other hand, 16,000 were healed. To date, a total of 1.295 million PCR tests have been performed in the country.

In November 2020, Sibiu’s hospital was struggling with similar problems in Romania. At that time, doctors asked the Ministry of Health to provide an epidemiologically appropriate mobile container for the performance of its duties, which it had received immediately. Hospital.

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