Incredible image of perseverance released by Ingenuity in flight!

About ten days ago, Ingenuity was the first motorized and controlled craft to fly on a planet other than Earth. He has already reoffended twice. Providing us with breathtaking images of the surface of Mars. And today, never before seen the ideas of perseverance, NASA took the helicopter to the red planet that rover.

19 April, then 22 and finally 25. First Flight History and two others that have already enabled the engineers in charge of the project Simplicity To validate some important capabilities that should make it possible to hypothesize for an aerial mission to explore the planet Mars in the future. Especially to validate that the navigation system of the Martian chopper works well over relatively long distances and even at high speeds.

this is FirmnessThe rover NASA That took over the simplicity for the red planet, which has given us the most spectacular of these pictures so far Flight test. A few dozen meters away from the take-off and landing runway of the helicopter, he was able to perform his tricks. And some have created amazing collections of these images.

First images taken by Ingenuity

Today, it is images of persistence taken by Ingenuity’s color camera that NASA engineers reveal to us.

Incredible images of human technology exploring another world. They were takenCongenital helicopter Some were at a height of 5 meters – its maximum height – and about 85 meters from the rover, on this Sunday, April 25, 2021.

These images come after NASA published the first color image of the Martian surface taken by Ingenuity a few days ago. An image of some 5 meters high was also captured during the flight on 22 April. The six wheels left the trail on the ground Rover firmness – Outside the frame, parked at the top center of the image.

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