Incredible drama series The Royals climbs into the top 10 on Netflix

The royals on Netflix are a surprise. The series centered on a fictional British royal family finds itself in the top 10 of the best shows on the streaming platform.

Posted on April 30, the four-season series “The Royals” was an absolute hit. Much loved by fans, this plot has quickly grown into the most-watched shows on Netflix.

Royals: Synopsis

Inspired by the novel Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray, “The Royals” is a series that quickly grabbed the attention of audiences. Between the love, betrayal, manipulation and drama, the plot has everything to entice. It exposes a royal family accustomed to living in opulence.

Queen Helena, who has done everything to seize power, is ready to do anything to maintain her luxurious life with her children. Two of his three children are in his image. Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor are twins raised in opulence.

He is less appreciated by the public because of his arrogance. They are careless and do not care about the reputation of the family. However, one event will change everything.

The eldest of the family, Prince Robert, who is Queen Helena’s legitimate heir, is assassinated, a tragedy that affects the entire kingdom, but which also changes the order of the heirs to the throne.

It is Prince Liam who is best placed to succeed his mother. This enormous responsibility which is intended for him completely changes his daily life and makes him aware.

A series of sexual harassment scandals scattered

From the first season to the final chapter, running this project has never been easier. The sexual assault cases that rocked the cinematographic world for years haven’t spared “The Royals.”

In 2017, ahead of the filming of the fourth season, the series’ producer, Mark Schwann, is the subject of a sexual harassment complaint. In a series of evidence collected, 25 women accused him of “Several female cast and crew members suffered and repeated sexual harassment.”

He is even more immersed after the release of Alexandra Park who played Princess Eleanor. She claims to be one of Mark Schwann’s victims. The telecast of the series has been suspended by E channel to clarify the situation.

After an investigation, the series and the producers of the series publish a press release to announce the dismissal of Mark Schwann. “We have completed our investigation and Mark will no longer be working at the Royals”The statement said.

As a reminder, this isn’t the first time an American director has found himself in a sexual assault case. He has already been the subject of similar allegations by the actresses of the series “The Scott Brothers”, of which he was the director and producer.

The cast of the series “The Royals”

In the cast of this series, we find Queen Helena, the main character played by Elizabeth Hurley. Born in 1965 in Basingstoke, United Kingdom, she was originally a dancer.

His focus changed after he landed a role in the sketch film “Aria” produced on stage in 1987. The sequel was a hit. In a career spanning 34 years, the British actress has starred in 38 series and films.

By his side in the series “The Royals”, we find Alexandra Park (Princess Eleanor), William Moseley (Prince Liam), Hattie Preston (Princess Maribel), Lydia Rose Bewley (Princess Penelope), Max Brown (King Robert) , Tom . Austen (Jasper Frost), Victoria Acanoy (Rachel), Vincent Regan (King Simon) and Joan Collins (Grand Duchess Alexandra).

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