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Today, all farmers face the same challenges: reducing costs, maximizing yields and minimizing soil compaction. However, the use of more powerful and heavier machines precisely causes these problems, which they try to avoid.

MICHELIN Ultraflex is a revolutionary solution to this dual challenge of supporting the development of agricultural machinery to increase productivity, while at the same time preserving one of the most important resources, namely: soil.

Micheline “ultraflex” tires operate at very low pressures, resulting in lower fuel consumption, better traction and exceptional drag. In addition, low levels of soil compaction contribute to increasing productivity.

Ultraflex technology allows tires to withstand the same load at lower pressures than standard radial technology. The exterior of the tire is both strong and flexible. This leads to a wider footprint and better contact with soil.

When Michelin talks about the benefits of using ultraflex tires, farmers use 15% less fuel consumption, less soil compaction, increased yields by 4%, and longer machine life in the first place. Together with the professionalism of the Michelin team.

With 25 years of experience, the Altapiès farm, Romania, started with 3,000 dismills of land, and is today cultivated in an area of ​​30,000 desserts, distributed on about 15,000 disbursers for wheat, 5,000 declare for rapeseed. There are 5 000 acres of corn and about 5,000 acres of sunflower. They have three tractors with power of 200 HP, 2 tractors with power of 300 HP and 2 tractors with power of 600 HP.

In 2019, they will start equipping their tractors with MICHELIN Ultraflex tires.

“By using Michelin-Ultraflex tires, we provide a high level of soil protection and, thanks to the fact that they do not pay for the soil, we have recorded a 4% increase in productivity.

In addition, the use of these tires resulted in 10% less fuel consumption.

Previously, the fuel consumption of tractors had increased to 30 liters per hectare during plowing, as compared to now, when we see a decrease in consumption by about 27.5 liters per hectare.

“By our calculations, we will use these tires for about 5,000 moto-hours, which means for about 7 years.” , Said Andrei Popescu, director of Altapais Farm, Romania.

Look at the opinions of other farmers and find out what their comments are about the use of misshaline “ultraflex” tires.

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