Increase awareness among mayors about cervical cancer screening

In France, approximately 1,000 patients die each year from cervical cancer. At the same time, about 3,000 cases of these cancers are detected every year, so screening is of importance.

In 10 years, the behavior of women has indeed changed. REDECA, a cancer screening network, has seen a regularity in patients between 25 and 45 years of age.

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On the occasion of the European Week for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer from 25 to 31 January, REDECA MAYOTTE mobilized to investigate cervical cancer. Faced with the figures of 3,000 women affected by this cancer in France, which causes the deaths of 1,100 people, the association has made its move.

European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

The disease is viral and communicable, it can progress and invade the uterus if screening is done late. Early stage disease detection is one of the association’s priorities.

There is still a reluctance among women aged 45 and over. Doctors say that a person has learned long ago that there is a better chance of recovery.

In Mayot an average of 5,000 cervical smears are made per year.

Cancer Screening: European Cervical Prevention Week

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