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Greece on Saturday opened two new closed camps for asylum seekers on the islands of Leros and Kos, a model criticized by human rights defenders for tight controls there. ,beginning of a new era”, announced Migration Minister Notice Mitarachi while announcing the opening of these two new camps.

The new safe camps, surrounded by barbed wire, equipped with surveillance cameras and magnetic gates where asylum seekers must present electronic badges and their fingerprints to be able to enter, are closed at night. Asylum seekers can go out during the day but have to return in the evening.

These new installations, which Greece has started to set up with funding from the European Union, are said to replace old squalid camps, where thousands of migrants were in unhygienic conditions. ,We free our islands from the migrant problem and its consequencesadded the minister. ,Photos from 2015-2019 are now a thing of the past,

The first safe camp of this type was opened in September on the island of Samos, after the dismantling of the old camp, a de facto slum, which housed some 7,000 asylum seekers between 2015 and 1016 at the height of the migration crisis. Greece has been the main gateway through which more than one million asylum seekers, mainly Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans, arrived in Europe in 2015.

According to UN estimates, about 96,000 refugees and asylum seekers are currently in Greek territory.

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