Inauguration of the Consulate in Laâyoune, an additional disclosure of Jordan’s continued solidarity with Morocco (Mr. Borita)

Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 5:00 pm

Laeauenne, 03/04/2021 – (MAP) -The inauguration on Thursday by Jordan of a consulate in Liaoni is a reunion of the continued and historical solidarity of this brotherly Arab country with Morocco in all actions to protect its interests and abroad. Minister of Affairs, African Cooperation and people of Morocco living abroad, Nasser Borita said.

The decision of the HA King King Abdullah II to open a consulate in Laeyoun and his support for the restoration of the free civil and commercial movement in El Guergurat as a manifestation of the continued support that Morocco had by the Hashemite Empire of Jordan Continues to work done. Declared a minister, to protect his national interests and his sovereignty over his entire territory.

Mr. Bonita, who was speaking at a joint press conference with the Deputy Prime Minister, Jordan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Migrants, Ayman al-Safadi, after the inauguration of the Jordanian Consulate in LaoUen, added Morocco that these positions ” Warm welcome “all political and social instincts, recalling the participation of a large Jordanian delegation, for the recovery of their entire territory as an expression of the solidarity of the Jordan people in the 1975 Green March.”

He said that the opening of this consulate is an event of “great importance” that will remain “forever in the memory of the people of Morocco”, like all the “great” traces of support and solidarity. Jordan expressed by Jordan for Morocco. Victory of its sacred causes.

The minister also highlighted the strong bond of friendship and brotherhood between the leaders of the two countries, HM King Mohammed VI and HM King Abdullah II on the occasion, as well as active solidarity and lasting coordination between the two countries. Their general desire to develop their fruitful cooperation to create a model of cooperation among Arab countries.

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Morocco and Jordan, he said, have been successful in maintaining and maintaining close ties despite the “sensitive” Arab and regional context, welcoming the continued coordination and consultation that exists between the two countries on various issues that concern Arab countries We do.

Based on the values ​​shared by both countries and their determination to unfurl their cooperation, Mr. Borita continued, the two countries have developed innovative mechanisms to forge a strategic partnership in accordance with the Strategies and Friendship Yatra decisions. HM King Abdullah II of Jordan in Rabat in March 2019.

The Foreign Minister emphasized the development of common Arab action between the two countries and political consultations to protect the Arab cause, particularly the Palestinian cause that HM King puts on the same level as the Sahara question. The historical role presided over by HM the King at the Christian and Muslim holy sites in Al Quds and the important role played by the historical Hashemite Tutlage.

Mr. Bonita recalled in the context that several social, medical, and education projects funded by the Bot Mal Cuds Agency in the Holy City, as well as recent financial support to Macedonians during the health crisis associated with the Kovid-19 pandemic was.

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