In Yemen, a committee in charge of Kovid calls for a state of health emergency

The committee on Tuesday called on the government to declare a “state of health emergency” to combat coronavirus in Yemen and impose a “partial curfew” due to increased contamination in this poor war-torn country. Yemen has registered a hundred new cases daily in recent times, far more than the onset of the crisis that seems to have cut the country from the rest of the world. But experts believe that the number is too large due to the lack of available tests and medical infrastructure failures. In a tweet, the Apex National Emergency Committee to Combat Kovid-19 announced to the “Ministry of Public Health and Population” to declare a state of health emergency in all areas, strengthen state readiness of hospitals and provide protective equipment for medical personnel Called upon to do. “This announcement comes” in anticipation of the possibility of a second wave, “he said. The committee also called for a” partial curfew “based on the state of health in various areas. They also prayed to the respective ministries for wedding halls and mosques. Asked to be closed as well as to leave the elderly or chronically ill officials. The committee is associated with a government recognized by the international community but who control the entire region despite Saudi neighbors’ support in the war against the Houthi rebels Does not. Later, backed by Iran, seized the capital Sanaa in 2014, triggering the conflict during which they took most of the north. Howthis does not communicate the number of pollution in the areas they control Since the onset of the pandemic, NGOs have warned that the health crisis could turn into a disaster and already mitigate the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, which is already considered the worst in the world according to the United Nations Goes. About 30 million funds The countries of the country officially recorded some 3,500 cases of infection, of which 771 were fatal.

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