In the United Kingdom, the prestigious Winchester College will be open to girls

Winchester College will no longer be only for British elite boys. The very elite boarding school in the south of England, from where the finance minister, Sage Craze, graduated, announced on Tuesday 9 February that it was going to be partially open to girls for the first time since its foundation in 1382.

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This small revolution is part of a reform aimed at registration “In XXII century “ This school where tuition fees are around £ 42,000 (about 47,400 euros) per year.

“After nearly a century of discussion on the subject, we will bring girls to school in the next few years”, Expand the college on its website. “The entry of girls will bring many benefits: new intellectual challenges, diversity of thought, wider horizons”, He added.

25% increase in number of scholarship recipients

The establishment, which currently accommodates about 700 boys from middle school, will accept at least 30 day students, of which about half the girls are equivalent to high school “On to the latest for the beginning of the 2022 school year”, He elaborated. The college should have 50 girls as boarders by 2024.

Winchester College, which eventually aims to accommodate some 850 students, aims to increase the chances of online courses to increase and strengthen the number of scholarship holders by 25% from 120 to 150 in 2024. “Support” With public schools.

“These changes represent an exciting new phase in Winchester history, which will bring many benefits for generations. [d’élèves] Present and future “, Said college official Richard Stagg in a statement.

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Winchester College, one of the most prestigious private secondary schools in the United Kingdom, such as Eaton College, announced in May 2020 to invest £ 100 million (112 million euros at the current rate) during the first wave of coronoviruses. Five years to help reduce the educational disparities created by the epidemic.

These include increasing the number of students specifically exempted from tuition fees or developing partnerships with public schools. “In deprived areas”.

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