In the United Kingdom, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, is in turmoil

The star of Boris Johnson’s illustrious Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has suddenly faded in recent days. By the beginning of the spring, regarded as the most popular among Conservative MPs – one of the few capable of pushing the prime minister towards an exit – the Yorkshire (north of England) elected official now had to defend his reputation. and he walks his wife, as there are revelations about his personal fate.

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Thursday, April 7, Daily Independent claimed that Akshata Murthy, his wife, had a specific tax status, non-domesticated status (“non-domicile status”), allowing them to pay no tax in the United Kingdom on their income earned abroad. Indian Nationality Mr.Me Murthy is the daughter of the founder of Infosys, one of the largest IT services companies in the world. It owns 0.93% of the group’s capital, or more than 500 million pounds sterling (600 million euros). In 2021, its dividend reached £11.6 million (they would have been taxed 39.35% in the UK).

People living in the UK are granted non-DOM status by UK tax authorities if they can show that they intend to one day return to their country of origin. reply immediately sun, Rishi Sunak condemned “A smear campaign” actually intended to achieve this, and insisted that his wife’s tax plan was not for tax avoidance. “Of course, she pays tax on every penny she earns in the UK! »He launched.

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‘Shocking hypocrisy’

His defense didn’t last long: Friday, April 8, mMe Murthy has announced that he will relinquish his exclusive tax status (a primary completely legal), while the attacks from opposition parties have multiplied. Labor leader Keir Starmer scolded “shocking hypocrisy” From the Sunak-Murthy couple, who will attempt to optimize their tax slips at a time when the British are experiencing the biggest tax hike in half a century.

This “Sage” episode comes, Friday 1er In April, energy bills of private individuals rose by an average of 54%, with almost no aid from the state, Mr Sunak largely refusing to come to the aid of households. On Wednesday 6 April, an increase in national insurance (Social Security) for employees and employers also went into effect, an unprecedented tax increase (1.25% on average) for a Conservative government, set to bail out the public health system.

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