In the United Kingdom, the British called for saving water to counter the heat wave

In England, a country famous for having a rainy season even in summer, water supply companies are calling on their customers to save every drop in the event of a heat wave, sometimes delivering unusual advice. Huh.

Yorkshire Water wrote on its website: “It hasn’t rained a lot recently, so use water carefully“. The distribution company recommends heating only the exact amount needed to wash dishes by hand in your tea cup or basin. Its competitor, Anglian, featured a little girl on its website wearing a bathing suit in a basin.” Dhoti, with subtitle: “We work to face the heatCalls for “.affinitywater”to pacify (her) use of water” In “automatic water escape” and to “Wash your car with a bucket instead of a hose“, or even shorten your shower and go to the swimming pool to cool off instead.

The public meteorological agency Meteorological Office has issued an alert corresponding to the “level”.Excessive heat,Temperatures are expected to rise over much of England and Wales later this week and next weekAnd in the southeast of the country is more than 35 degrees. The historical record in the UK was reached at 38.7 degrees on July 25, 2019 at the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge (centre).

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