In the United Kingdom, it is not Jojo for “Bojo” – release

anarchy in the UK

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After a chaotic speech, the British prime minister concerns himself in his own camp, from right-wing press to Tory deputy. Due to extravagance, Boris Johnson could reach his limits.

What if a little slut, all pink in her fuchsia dress, pretty and mischievous, had turned her head at Boris Johnson? The British are astonished, the Conservative MPs strangling their cup of tea. As far as officials at 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s residence, are concerned, they are hugging the walls. Or, on the verge of indifference, let the media, anonymously, vent their fury or their despair, it’s up to you. ‘Worry is increasing about the Prime Minister’ Confi-t-on. “It simply does not work. The cabinet should wake up and demand serious changes, otherwise it will be worse”, Another source told the BBC correspondent. The panic is such that on Tuesday the Prime Minister’s spokesman had to reiterate on several occasions that Boris Johnson “Not bad, is in good health and hasn’t lost control”. Yes, we are there.

The corkscrew tail was the culmination of a series of petty blunders, scandals and what seems to have stuck to the basics of Boris Johnson for some time. That’s why Peppa Pig is the name of this little sow, this cartoon character who appeared on British television screens in 2004, then very quickly all over the world. To everyone’s surprise, and especially to its creators, who divulged a humorous press release, Peppa Pig found herself at heart — a kind of guest of honor — in her speech on Monday…

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