In the United Kingdom, bitter retention for Europeans – Liberation

After Brexit

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Dozens of Italian, French, Spanish and Bulgarian nationals have been turned back after being jailed for failing to present mandatory work visas since Brexit. A particularly painful experience.

“I felt like a criminal, even though I had done nothing wrong.” This June 2, Marta Lomartre is still under the influence of anger and understanding. On April 17, the 24-year-old Italian was to join family members living in England to look after their three children and learn English. But at Heathrow Airport, where Marta Lomartre lands at 7 p.m. that day, nothing goes according to plan. The British Customs Service refused him entry into the United Kingdom. Reason given: A document in which her cousins ​​detail that she arrives as a pair. “It was thought that this letter would be considered a serious reason for travel in this era of covid, belongs to a person who lives in the very touristic region of Puglia, in the southeast of Italy. On the contrary, as soon as he read it, he immediately asked me if I really knew these people…”

Customs suspicious disguised employment. …

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