In the UK, there is a persistent shortage of gasoline

Facing fuel supply problems for a few days, the United Kingdom called on the military on Monday, 27 September to be ready. “A limited number of military tanker drivers must be prepared to respond and deployed if necessary to stabilize supplies”The Ministry of Energy said in a statement in the evening.

Britain’s gasoline shortage worsened on Monday amid panic from worried motorists. Across the country, “no more gas” or “out of service” signs are on the rise at gas stations. About 30% of BP stations are affected.

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Some British media have published videos of spiked drivers brawling near pumps for fear of breaking down or being unable to go to work. Medical organizations are sounding the alarm over the difficulties of caregivers traveling to see their patients. And some schools are considering going back to distance learning if the problem persists.

According to PRA, one of the fuel distributors’ associations, two-thirds of its members (5,500 independent sites out of a total of 8,000 stations in the country) were out of fuel on Sunday, “The rest are almost dry”. But the association says it hopes “Possible relaxation in demand and normalization of stocks in the coming days”.

On Monday, representatives of the region sought to reassure by reaffirming that there is “British refineries full of fuel”.

The situation is reminiscent of gasoline rationing during the energy crisis of the 1970s, or the shutdown of refineries that paralyzed the country’s activity for weeks in the early 2000s.

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shortage of truck drivers

The crisis began in the middle of last week after a confidential report was leaked from BP to the government, which described the closure of a few dozen gas stations due to fuel shortages. This quickly created panic across the country. Most of the service stations are now affected.

The shortage of petrol or diesel is initially due to a shortage of truck drivers who carry it from storage terminals to pumps. The problem also affects the shelves of supermarkets, fast food restaurants, pubs, bicycle vendors, among others, delaying deliveries and dwindling stocks of some products.

There has been a shortage of truck drivers in the UK for several months now. In question, both the pandemic and Brexit. Labor accuses Boris Johnson’s Conservative government of being “asleep at the wheel”, Which means he didn’t anticipate the crisis at all.

The lockdown prompted some European truck drivers to return to their home countries, and thousands of others were unable to pass their heavy goods vehicle licenses as test centers were closed at the height of the pandemic. Brexit also complicates migration processes, preventing European workers from moving.

However, the government denies the impact of Brexit on the current crisis, saying European countries are also facing driver shortages. According to a report published last month by the British Road Transport Federation, Brexit, however, is one of the main reasons for the shortage of drivers.

Seeking a solution, London on Saturday pledged to revise its post-Brexit immigration policy and grant 10,500 three-month work visas.

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