In the UK, the number of Google searches containing the words “move abroad” has exploded

This is an absolute record in the history of the Internet in Great Britain: these two words never “Go Abroad” – in other words: “going abroad” – was entered in a search engine so many times.

british daily wire Understand :

“In April, there was a 1,000% increase in the number of queries with these terms on the search engine giant Google. The US, Canada and Australia are the most requested destinations. In the last twelve months alone, there has been a 670% increase in searches for Australian visas.

“Bad News That Connects Others”

Typically, just over 400,000 British nationals emigrate each year, of whom 20,000 cross the Atlantic to settle in the United States. But it has increased since the beginning of the year. “considerable” According to Jason Porter, Overseas Financial Advisor for Blevins Franks in London, the number of residents willing to leave the country:

“Right now people have to pay a lot for everything and that’s bad news on top of a lot of other bad news. They feel like they need a fresh start and they know they can live somewhere cheap. Huh.”

Inflation is rising globally, but many countries with higher wages and lower costs of living remain attractive to the British than the UK. “France, Spain or Portugal start too far because the cost of living was too low – and will remain so even if inflation is high”, Jason Porter explains.

“Some countries are doing better”

Even the United States, where inflation is currently around 8.5% – its highest level in forty years – can be considered a profitable destination in the eyes of the British, notes wire. “The average cost of living is only 1% lower than in the UK, but British workers are worse off here than their US counterparts due to significantly lower pay levels. After tax, the average UK wage is 1.6 compared to 2 months in the US Enough to cover month’s living expenses.

In Europe, where inflation also affects all countries, some are still doing better than others, the newspaper notes. In the United Kingdom, it was 7% last March. But the Bank of England has already warned that it could reach 10% before the end of the year. “In April, consumer prices rose by 4.8% in France and 8.4% in Spain, but the cost of living in both countries is lower than in the UK.”

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