In the UK, Suits Is Banned During Minion 2 Screenings (And It’s Hilarious)

in the UK, People in costume are refused entry into theaters showing Minions 2. We explain the reason for this strange decision.

in France, Minion 2: Once Upon a Time Gru spell it In theaters Wednesday, July 6Unlike in the United Kingdom where film 1. has been broadcast fromer july. However, the English operators are referred to as A. had to deal with event at least as infrequent He measures taken to prevent,

The birth of “gentlemen” on TikTok

this second job is coming Seven Years Later minions In 2015, The film’s release is a real event for some fans.In the very literal sense of the word.

It’s all one. started from hashtags on tiktok, To celebrate the return of their little yellow heroes, fans launched #gentleminions. deposit more than 17 million views On Tiktok, this hashtag invites viewers to watch the movie in groups and be ready for nine, Result: crowds of youth (we’re not gonna lie to each other: practically only boys) dressed up as a swarm in the movie theater a big ceremony, This mind-blowing video gives a good overview:

Entry prohibited for well dressed spectators

The problem is that the innocent joke quickly turned sour. Evidence to slander began to multiply multiple overflow During sessions: scream, Controversy with the openers and also Banana spray launched on screen With a shout “Banana!” », one of the distinctive signs of the minion.

Acts Filmed and later posted on Tiktok, adding to the magnitude of the incident. In an attempt to stop this, English cinema resumed Filter and decline entries group of teens and young men came to see the film in costume, For example, at the entrance to the posters of several rooms one might say:

, Any group of people in evening dress will be denied entry to theaters showing The Minions 2 due to the inconvenience caused by the hashtag #gentleminions. Thank you. ,

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