In the UK, not all Londoners follow a lockdown to the letter

Boris Johnson was expected to be able to lift the new lockdown in mid-February, early January, but officials are now considering extending the restrictions to March. But this imprisonment implemented in the United Kingdom raises questions. A corner of the blue sky, a ray of sunshine and roads are immediately filled with cars and passersby. London does not appear limited until this Saturday 16 January.

There are people who queue in front of the supermarket because they are allowed out for groceries. There are people who walk the pavements and parks for their walks, they are also allowed. And then there is Katherine who smiles when asked if she is following government guidelines. “If they make sense, I play by the rules … up to a point, She answers. I walk a lot, sometimes farther than the authorized or I take the metro, just to walk back. I’m already going mad at home, but I’m not running to hug people. I would like to but I would not.

Estelle is French but she is an actual Londoner. Established for 26 years in the English capital. With his partner, they go for a walk and imprisonment, they find that very good. “I respected him from the beginning, Says Estelle. We go out just because we are taking our little dog to foster. Many people thought that it was going to be different in January with the new year and suddenly we were going to start living again, so that people would come out and work would start again. ”

“This latest lockdown, back and forth all the time, it’s a vicious cycle somewhere.”

Estelle, Londoner

to franceinfo

Meanwhile, London’s hospitals are falling ill, and Anthony Johnson’s in despair. This nurse does not enforce the rules: “There are still a lot of stores that keep opening, and not necessarily even supermarkets, but places where you can buy electronic equipment. So it’s ‘essential’. And I still see a lot of people who Don’t respect. Not advice. ” Advice, rather than guidelines, is probably where the main problem with this prevention lies. For example, if you play the game, you should live in your area without any explanation.

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