In the UK, insects wear the crown

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From Thursday to Sunday, the Queen of England will celebrate her 7O years of reign. The record of longevity in Old English imperial power. There will be four major public events, parades, recitals and several shows over this long weekend. The amount involved is huge.

The Queen will miss the “celebration” on Friday, after watching a military parade from her Buckingham Palace balcony on Thursday. An absence that would cost the British working classes, for whom the state continues to pocket money by generously maintaining the very wealthy royal family.

The entire British political class welcomed this jubilee with great unanimity. The current tenant of 10 Downing Street, the Grand Prince, Boris Johnson, also granted workers two public holidays. Yet activists have many reasons to consider the ceremony not very pleasant.

In mid-May, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research calculated that rising food, tax and energy prices “Will put 250,000 households in debt and distress. , and draw conclusions “Next year there will be about 1.2 million people who will fall into extreme poverty”,

This being so, the main purpose of this supposedly popular high mass, and the constant media hype that comes with it, is above all to reinforce the illusion of a united “nation” behind the monarchy, which is supposed to be, it is well known. , above such trivial things as the class struggle, and even more so than the impending crisis, its possible retrenchment and the rise of poverty. Opportunity has come, for her reign of 70 years, here is the queen who comes out of her old golden wardrobe.

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This queen on her throne, these politicians, these shareholders and these banks that keep her in court are preparing to tithe the whole society. The elites of the past and present, crowned or uncrowned, united to pay wages to the working class.

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