In the UK, Ikea wants to punish its uneducated employees

Do everything possible to promote vaccination. This is the goal of some British companies when 71% of the population has a full immunization programme. Among them, Wessex Water, a subsidiary of water distributor Wessex Water or Ikea in the United Kingdom, which has just quarantined itself due to Covid-19, on its unaffiliated staff, has slashed their sickness benefits. Match confirmed by Guardian This is Monday 12 January.

Straight away, during their ten days of mandatory isolation, Ikea employees who have not had a Covid-19 vaccination will be paid £96 per week in normal times, or less than a quarter of their weekly wages. Original.

What about French law?

Could such a measure apply to Ikea employees in France? In France, any worker on sick leave is entitled to a daily allowance (DA) paid directly by the health insurance scheme (CPAM). They are paid subject to contribution conditions with no waiting period. In addition, based on their collective agreement, the employer is required to pay additional compensation to its employee.

For lawyer specializing in labor law, Elodie Cohen-Morvan, French labor law is “Very protective of employee” Contrary to Anglo-Saxon law. This may explain the adoption of such a measure by IKEA UK. According to the expert, the reduction in daily sickness benefits for non-vaccinated employees cannot be implemented in France: “There should be a new law on daily allowances authorizing CPAM to differentiate treatment depending on whether the person has been vaccinated”, and add, “This seems difficult under the principle of equal treatment, according to which equal work, for equal pay”.

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Trade unionists seem to share this opinion. asked by Marion, a representative of the CFE-CGC at Ikea explains that if Ikea France very explicitly encourages its employees to vaccinate at the start of the immunization campaign, it would be complicated to consider such a decision: “Ikea France has already faced a number of difficulties since the start of the pandemic, to which a 9% increase in prices has been linked to deal with supply problems” he believes. There is no need to panic as this measure is unlikely to be implemented in France.

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