In the UK, Hong Kong expatriates are building a new life – Reuters

Britain has branded the program as a colonial humanitarian responsibility following an action in Hong Kong by the Chinese government, saying Beijing was violating the terms of a 1997 handover agreement that would keep the former British colony politically intact.

From bustling cities like Birmingham in the Midlands to vibrant cities like Kingston, South London, thousands of Hong Kongers have spent the past year searching for jobs and new housing. They settled in rapidly growing communities of other Hong Kong people, a comfort for many, but at the cost of leaving behind a city where they had once expected to grow old with their children, often painful to their relatives. Had to say goodbye. ,

“You grow up in a place and you don’t recognize it. It becomes a stranger,” said Mr. Wong on a recent afternoon, reflecting on the changes in Hong Kong as he steamed tea in a kettle Shake the milk.” When you think about it, you just want to cry. ,

He said he was forced to leave his ailing father in Hong Kong, but concerns for the future of his 4-year-old daughter, after whom he named his new business in England, were not other concerns. “People say I brought Trini to England,” he said, “but I think it’s the opposite: Trini brought me here. »

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