In the UK, companies will conduct a four-day week trial for six months

What if the 32-hour week soon becomes the norm in the UK? Led by the “4 Day Week Global” Foundation and announced in mid-January, the six-month program will be tested by multiple companies across the channel. Goal: To set up a four-day week, five paid off. From March to May, managers will attend training sessions to provide a good framework for experimentation before implementing it in their company.

Is the 4 Day Week the Cure for Crisis?

Starting this summer, about fifty volunteer British companies will conduct trials over a 32-hour week to see if the reduction in working hours has an effect” on the productivity of companies, the well-being of their employees as well as the environment and gender equality “,” reports “Euronews”. There have also been partnerships with the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

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an experience inspired by the pandemic

For Joe Ryle, director of 4Day Week Global, it was important to act now, not To wait for the curators to wake up and become aware of this new reality and these new ways of working ,

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This initiative was also encouraged in the context of health related to the COVID-19 pandemic. With telework, companies have more trust in their employees and have realized that they are not giving up. In the UK, working hours are the longest in Europe, yet productivity is among the lowest.

Are the French condemned to overwork?

According to the magazine “FastCompany”, a bill can be discussed in Parliament if experience is decisive. A similar program should begin in February in Ireland and in the United States in April.

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