In the UK, Boris Johnson surrounded by his own camp

After trying to cover up Conservative MP Owen Paterson, on Wednesday, 3 November, the British prime minister finds himself vulnerable within his parliamentary majority, analyzing press across the channel.

“Johnson’s Shame”, For many times. Prime minister “happens to”, Important the audience. “The Behavior of a Government at the End of Its Life”, For your part, condemning, Daily Telegraph. Rarely has the British press been so unanimous on the subject of conservative Boris Johnson since coming to power in July 2019. Those on the left or close to the majority, as supporters of Brexit, agree to qualify as all. “Serious error in judgment” Maneuver by tenant of 10 Downing Street, Wednesday 3 November.

On that day, lawmakers must approve a thirty-day suspension of one of their own, Owen Paterson. The Conservative, elected from Shropshire in the west of England, was pinned by the House of Commons ethics committee for defending the interests of the two companies with the executive in exchange for remuneration. But the drama, Wednesday afternoon: At the request of the government, majority deputy Andrea Leadsom proposed an amendment suspending … the suspension. The text also recommends the creation of a system to replace the Ethics Committee. Despite nearly fifty abstention and votes against conservative ranks, the amendment has been adopted. general outrage. Finally, less than twenty-four hours later, the executive withdrew and agreed to a new vote. In a statement released to the Wake, Owen Paterson, shocked, mentions “a nightmare” and announces his resignation.

Furious Conservative MP

Too late the damage is done. “All prime ministers are using their political capital,


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