In the UK, authors paid from the sale of old books

William Prior, who founded his bookstore Bookburn International in Somerset County (south-west of England) in 2000, has been considering a system since 2015 that allows writers to pay remuneration by giving them a portion of the proceeds associated with it. Will allow Sale of used books.

« As an author and as the founder of Bookburn, I always wonder that writers, who are the core of the raw materials of our business, touch nothing. It is about respect for the authors, the value for which they are original, and we hope that other resellers will join this voluntary initiative. »Emphasizes Prior Guardian.

Authorshare, a good solution

Indeed, Bookburn International has teamed up with another used book retailer, World of Books Group, to create the Authorshare Fund, which aims to distribute £ 200,000 per year per author, with £ 1,000 per author per year. There is a maximum limit of the year and payment has been made. Annually in October.

The Writers’ Association, a professional organization to protect writers throughout the channel, is associated with Authorshare, and will be responsible for any balance of the fund.

No law provides for payment of remuneration to the author or publisher, at the time of sale of the old book, across the channel, as in France. The doctrine of termination of rights actually applies: the moment a work has been legally acquired by a consumer, the latter is free to resell this legally obtained copy, without the beneficiary’s authorization , Nor payment of remuneration.

Occasion: Prohibited pass culture books resale

« The fact that the fund was born out of the initiative of private companies, who are convinced of the merits of their approach, is very reassuring. “, Welcomed Joan Harris, head of the Society of Authors.

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In the fragile context of the Kovid epidemic, this new economic resource was clearly welcomed by the authors and their representatives …

Remember that in France, a start-up called Books-Up, based on the sale of old books between individuals, tried to contact professional structures to donate funds to fine authors. But it was in 2016, and the start-up had seen all the open tracks closed, with a violent slamming of the door on the nose … too soon to be right is wrong, yes?

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