In the UK, apartment owners are not for life


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On In the United Kingdom, London, when one becomes the owner of an apartment, it is often for a limited period. Owners are not for life, unlike the French.

Viewed from France, the concept may surprise: buy a house And don’t own it For a limited time only. On England, however, is the norm. In a chic district of London, this real estate agent and his client are French. “This apartment has a lease of 91 years. It says that you will be the boss for 91 years“, Then announces the real estate agent. After these 91 years, the buyer must leave the apartment. It will return to the person who owns the building’s walls, the” super-owner “.

We are familiar with this theory which initially confuses a bit, Because we make a real estate investment which is an important decision, and we own it for a limited time only.“Says buyer in Sophie Devron, London.”I think 91 years old, This is a completely satisfactory period, I think so.“In England they contract The only concern is the apartment, Not a house “Leases” run in principle over a period of 50 to 99 years. On His term, the apartment, goes to the one who owns the land.

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