“In the name of the shark”: a book devoted to reconciliation

This article is from the Monthly Science et Avenir – La Recherche n°901, dated March 2022.

Demonetisation. Lady Mystery, a female great white shark, captured François Sarano: “Five meters of muscle, a ton of elegance.” And offered him a few moments of swimming side by side, during the filming of the movie “of the ocean” by Jacques Perrin, in 2006. This oceanographer in turn gives us a vast wisdom pearl of the underwater world, dedicated to reconciling what is perceived as the horror of the ocean.

killer shark myth

What do we know about chondrichthians, cartilaginous fish that has 536 species? We are invited here to become “Sclanthrops,” half-human half-sharks, to give us a chance to share, to share, their perception of the world. Following a historical explanation of the myth of the killer shark, the author takes us through countless dive sites to discover its identity and its vulnerabilities.

,in the name of a shark“, François Sarano, Preface by Sandra Basudo, Acts Sud, 304 p., €21

book cover “in the name of a sharkcredit: Acts Sood

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