In the forest of Robin des Bois, naturalists outnumber residents “out of control”

According to legend, Robin Hood once went there to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Nowadays, visitors to Sherwood Forest regularly come across naturalists. a petition has been started

The Sherwood Forest, located in central England, is a highly visited place, believed to be the home of Robin Hood, a famous character hunted by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Every year, many tourists come to admire its oak groves, which are the oldest in Europe, and feel the excitement of the most famous “British Brigade”. A whole other public appreciates the place: the naturalist, which doesn’t like Robert Robinson, who has started an online petition asking the authorities to intervene.

“Recently, nudists sometimes walk in groups of up to 12 men,” says this local resident in the text of the petition, which states that his wife has stopped walking in the woods because she is “naked in the bushes.” A man is doing well”. .

He complains about the signs that welcome naturalists by telling them to wear clothes when they return to their vehicle.

“It’s intimidating”

“No need to walk around naked. Clothes don’t stop you from appreciating the forest,” he quips. “Since June 2020, there are too many naked men, it’s intimidating”, a user on the petition’s page On the One page on the TripAdvisor travel advice site, Dave, another visitor, complained of an “out of control nudist” hanging out in the group last May.

These allegations have stirred the officials. It is legal in England to be naked in public as long as the behavior is not considered offensive or offensive.

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The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which manages the site, explained that naturalists had frequented the places “for decades” and that their presence was “tolerable and in fact legal, provided they adopted a certain behavior”. .

The organization specifies that the incident condemned He was not informed of the plea and was recommended to approach the police to report such situations.

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