In the first round of the indescribable fight with Colin Rooney, Rebecca Verdi won

Rebecca: Verdi’s insulting fight with Colin Rooney took a step forward today after the judge ruled in her favor in the first instance.

Verdi is suing his comrade-in-arms, Wagatha, last year for a human rights case against Wagatha Christie Sari, where Rooney allegedly leaked the story on paper to Verdi’s Instagram account.

Justice Mr Verby today handed down the verdict in Rooney’s social media post – which accused Birdie of leaking the story in the papers – citing Verdi as the source of the leak.

Rooney now needs to prove that he was Verdi, 38, who leaked the stories more than anyone who had access to his Instagram account.

Verdi denies being a source and claims that other people gained access to his account.

Rebecca: Verdi has filed a defamation suit against Colin Rooney

The case now appears to be delayed until 2021 to allow more time for mediation.

This preliminary hearing began yesterday, where neither Rooney nor Verdi were going to the Dancing on Ice training.

Colin Rooney promises to protect himself

During the hearing, Verdi’s QC Hugh Tomlinson sought a stay until February 8 to try to “finally resolve” the case.

This delay will likely give both parties more time to negotiate to avoid a test.

If the arbitration fails, there will be a trial in the High Court next summer and will last about five days.

Last year, Rooney sensationally complained that Verdi’s account was behind the leaked stories from his personal account – for which he earned the nickname Wagatha Christie for his online shouting.

Verdi vehemently denied that he was behind the leak and sued for immunity to clear his name.

Wayne Rooney’s wife set up his own sting operation to catch any information he was sending to the media from his personal page.

He said he posted a series of fake stories, isolated all his followers from the Verdi account, and posted a guttural post online after the hack posts entered the papers.

Verdi denied that he was behind the leak, insisting that most people had access to his Instagram page.

Following the post in October 2019, Verdi issued a statement denying that he was behind the leak.

He wrote: “If you thought this, you would call me I.

“I’ve never talked to anyone like you as a journalist who wanted to talk to me year after year.

“I’m not kidding but I don’t need money, what will I gain by selling stories on you? …

“I liked you so much Colin and I’m so bad that you chose to do it.”

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